Lumos Vehicle Mount

The Lumos Vehicle Mount enables the Nextcore Lumos to be adapted to installations on land-based vehicles, increasing the versatility and functionality of the Lumos series even further.

Key Features

With a tool-less mounting solution and high-quality multi-frequency GNSS antennas, the MLS mounting solution increases the capabilities of geospatial teams beyond airborne scanning, by now enabling the completion of mobile mapping missions.

Mounting to land-based vehicles is made easy with the inclusion of a set of articulated vacuum mounts, or the option to alternatively be bolted directly to roof-racks if desired.


Maximum Operating Speed (Hard Mount)


Maximum Operating Speed (Suction Mount)


LiDAR Mounting Angle


Weight (without Lumos)

Components Included

  • Mounting Plate
  • Lumos Dovetail Mount
  • 3 x Suction Cup Mounts with RAM Adapters
  • ANTCOM G5ANT Antennas
  • Power Adapter
  • Communications Cable
  • Lumos MLS ToolKit
  • Pelican AIR Travel Case

Components Included

Mounting Plate
Lumos Dovetail Mount
3 x Suction Cup Mounts with RAM Adapters

Nextcore Fusion

Nextcore Fusion software has been developed and calibrated specifically for Nextcore LiDAR systems. Included with any system purchase, the software allows for the creation of *.las and *.laz files in the simplest way possible. Our processing is easy to learn and reliable with class-leading processing so you can start making decicions on the same day of your flight.

What our clients say...


"The Nextcore RN Series has allowed our business to adapt and grow. By purchasing reliable technology from a company that supports their product we've been able to win more work and differentiate ourselves from the competition"

Ben Plummer

Drone Technologies New Zealand

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