Our Passion for Quality

We began as an Australian-based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operations company in 2012. At the time the technology was only just emerging in the industrial domain, the technology was inefficient, difficult to use and the regulatory landscape made entering the market incredibly difficult. Nick Smith, one of our founders, purchased a DJI s800.

As the technology progressed our team grew and our foucs began to centre on ways that we could make people safer in dangerous environments whilst improving the quality of data that could be gained. By 2015, our team employed several surveyors and we developed our own technique for creating quality point clouds and orthomosaic images using UAVs.


After researching all available UAV LiDAR units on the market we found that the available technology was:

  • Too expensive
  • Too inaccurate
  • Not robust enough to withstand daily use
  • Too complex and time-consuming to use efficiently.

In late 2016 we sold our first unit to the Australian Department of Environment. The unit is based in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia and is still in regular use today. Whilst sales were strong in Australia, the rest of the world hadn’t heard about our technology.

In April 2019 we launched the NextCore RN50, a lighter, easier to use and less expensive unit. The NextCore unit began demonstration flights overseas where it was picked up by distributors in Japan, New Zealand, Finland and the United Kingdom. In 2020 we launched the RN100, a groundbreaking technology that far exceeds the performance of anything in its class.

Our goal is to make affordable reliable equipment that lasts and is easy to use.


Our Products & Software

Our hardware and software are designed, tested and built at our Head Office in Australia. We build everything with the price in mind to ensure there are no ongoing costs, no unexpected surprises nor lengthy training programs. Our philiospohy is to create systems that are simple and effective.


We don’t sell anything we don’t use ourselves!

We built Nextcore for our own survey team. Our products have been designed with the real world in mind. We understand what it’s like being on a survey job in all weather conditions. Our systems are designed to limit issues in the field and we do this by ensuring your data is safe, the system monitors its health, and the processing is easy to do and simple to change.

Meet the team

Headshot Small Nick Smith

Nick Smith

CEO / Founder

Highly capable, experienced and inspiring leader. Nick Smith founded the company in 2012.

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Headshot Small Aaron Hoye

Aaron Hoye

CTO / Founder

Aaron has been developing software since early 2000 and has touched on all areas of modern computing. He has ...

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Headshot Small Ashley Cox

Ashley Cox

COO / Founder

Ashley has worked with the group since 2014. He’s an established leader in the world of UAVs and ...

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Tom Simmons

Technical Officer

Tom studied a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Hons) at the University of Newcastle graduating in 2018. Before graduating Tom ...

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The Nextcore products

Find out more about our integrated software platform

Nextcore Fusion software has been developed and calibrated specifically for Nextcore LiDAR systems. Included with any system purchase the software allows for the creation of *.las and *.laz files in the simplest way possible. Our processing is easy to learn and reliable with class-leading processing so you can start making decisions on the same day of your flight.

See our bespoke build high accuracy hardware…

The Nextcore RN100 UAV LiDAR payload has been built from the same robust footprint as the RN50 series. With upgraded components, the RN100 performed beyond our expectations to deliver 50mm RSMS accurate results at up to 100 metres AGL.


Nextcore is a business of Cordel Group PLC, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange (LON:CRDL).

Who is using our technology?

Speak to our expert support team…

We have an expert support team and global network of distributors who can demo our products and discuss your specific project requirements, so use the form below to get in touch or check our distributors list here.