Don’t buy a UAV LiDAR system until you’ve read this?

Firstly, my sincerest apologies for the corniest of subject lines. I absolutely hate these subject lines, they are the worst. But this is important….

If you are on this email list hopefully it’s because you are looking into UAV LiDAR and doing some solid research before you commit, although chances are you’re more confused than ever. The UAV LiDAR industry hosts a confusing list of specifications and that confusion is causing some very unhappy customers. So if I’m losing your attention already and you’re about to drop off from ready this please just note one thing: DO NOT BUY A UAV LIDAR SYSTEM WITHOUT TESTING IT FIRST!!!

Here’s why:

  • All UAV LiDAR systems consist of a LiDAR, an Inertial Navigation System, including GPS and some way of recording the data logged. You combine this with GNSS data from a Base Station or Network in Post Processing Software, Fuse the data and you have a Point Cloud, easy right? No
  • This theoretical process looks fine on paper and on a specification sheet we can come up with a theoretical number of what sort of accuracy, precision, speed, flight height a system can achieve. In reality, none of this translates into real world outputs. 
  • The reported specifications of a LiDAR system can be out in the real world by as much as 50%, same again for an INS, combine this with real world flights, base station inaccuracies and post processing issues the system that told you it could produce a 50mm point cloud on paper is suddenly out 150mm and you’ve got a point cloud your customer won’t pay for and your left paying of anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000 or more on a system and the company you bought it from won’t return your calls. 
  • This happens, I meet customers this has happened to and the issue for me is that once a customer drops serious money on a system that won’t perform they are unable to purchase a decent system that can. 

The Nextcore Lumos Series comes with access to our help desk, a global distribution network and better yet it doubles as a vehicle mounted system as well.

We will gladly conduct a demonstration for you either directly or through one of our distributors. Get in touch, we are happy to help you make a decision on a system. We’d rather see you hold off on a purchase than rush into buying a system that breaks the bank and stops you from creating a successful LiDAR program. 

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