Nextcore Lumos and MLS Deployed by Macro Consulting Surveyors

With the help of the Nextcore MLS and LUMOS LiDAR systems, MACRO Consulting Surveyors recently undertook a large topographical Survey of the Rarotonga Airport, in the Cook Islands. The versatile equipment allowed MACRO to successfully maintain their planned schedule between unseasonal rain events and the numerous arrivals / departures for both domestic and international flights. The Survey covered an area of over 165ha using LiDAR, aerial imagery and traditional surveying techniques. The data will be used by planning and design consultants to generate a Rarotonga Airport Master Plan.

About Lumos Vehicle Mount

The Lumos Vehicle Mount enables the Nextcore Lumos to be adapted to installations on land-based vehicles, increasing the versatility and functionality of the Lumos series even further.

With a tool-less mounting solution and high-quality multi-frequency GNSS antennas, the MLS mounting solution increases the capabilities of geospatial teams beyond airborne scanning, by now enabling the completion of mobile mapping missions.

Mounting to land-based vehicles is made easy with the inclusion of a set of articulated vacuum mounts, or the option to alternatively be bolted directly to roof-racks if desired.

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