Nextcore Lumos

The Nextcore system provides you with survey grade data that’s consistent and reliable. Our products are tested by surveyors in the field for durability and reliability to ensure that they can survive the rigours of daily use. The affordability and usability of Nextcore will give your company the edge in obtaining high quality LiDAR imagery.

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Our Products

Nextcore Lumos

Our Lumos series consists of two systems both of which can produce 30mm precision and 40mm accuracy at heights up to 120 metres AGL. The system will fit a DJI m300 as well as a broad range of other UAV systems. Weighing between 1.6kg and 1.9kg depending on the system you can produce some of the most precise, reliable data available.

Lumos Chroma

The Chroma camera module is an additional parallel image capture device to the Lumos LiDAR scanner. Utilising the next generation GNSS hardware within the Lumos, the Chroma delivers precisely timed photogrammetry images for colourisation, photogrammetry and orthomosaics while simultaneously capturing survey-grade LiDAR data.

Lumos Vehicle Mount

The Lumos Vehicle Mount enables the Nextcore Lumos to be adapted to installations on land-based vehicles, increasing the versatility and functionality of the Lumos series even further.

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