Lumos Chroma

The Chroma camera module is an additional parallel image capture device to the Lumos LiDAR scanner. Utilising the next generation GNSS hardware within the Lumos, the Chroma delivers precisely timed photogrammetry images for colourisation, photogrammetry and orthomosaics while simultaneously capturing survey-grade LiDAR data.

Key Features

The 24.3MP camera and 25mm standard lens can be configured shutter based on distance or time at 30-1/4000 exposure; while the Lumos platform provides seamless integration of the Chroma image hot-shoe feedback logs.

The Nextcore platform both associates and geo-locates the images within the PPK solution to 1ms accuracy. The Chroma comes standard with a 25mm lense and is designed as plug-and-play for standard Lumos scanning missions.


Combined System Accuracy (RMSE)


Global Shutter Camera


System Range


Flight Height (AGL)

The Nextcore Advantage

We’ve been working within the industry for many years so understand the ongoing challenges infrastructure business face and can provide the latest technologies and techniques to solve your problems and help you avoid issues before they arise.

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Our proprietary software enables low cost operations with high quality.

Nextcore Fusion

Nextcore Fusion software has been developed and calibrated specifically for Nextcore LiDAR systems. Included with any system purchase, the software allows for the creation of *.las and *.laz files in the simplest way possible. Our processing is easy to learn and reliable with class-leading processing so you can start making decicions on the same day of your flight.

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"The Nextcore RN Series has allowed our business to adapt and grow. By purchasing reliable technology from a company that supports their product we've been able to win more work and differentiate ourselves from the competition"

Ben Plummer

Drone Technologies New Zealand

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