Nextcore Launches Next-Generation Lumos UAV LiDAR

Lumos delivers new capabilities for height and accuracy and is compatible with most popular drones.

Newcastle, Australia, October 26th, 2021 – Nextcore today announces the launch of its most advanced UAV LiDAR product ever, the Lumos.

Nextcore Lumos is a next-generation drone-mounted LiDAR payload designed to be lighter, more accurate and more powerful than anything in its class. 

Building on the strong reputation of Nextcore’s RN Series systems, the Lumos brings a new level of performance, accuracy and ease-of-use to surveyors, mining companies, environmental managers, foresters and surveyors. 

The Nextcore Lumos series consists of two systems capable of fitting a wide variety of Drone systems including the popular DJI M300 as well as a variety of systems built in the USA and Europe. 

The Nextcore Lumos series brings a whole new level of accuracy to this segment of the market with an RMS of 30mm at heights of up to 120 metres.

Both systems are lightweight beginning at just 1.5kg and capable of flight heights up to 120 metres. The Lumos series will also bring to market camera integration for colourisation of point clouds and a Mobile Laser Scanning adaptor by April 2022. 

Ashley Cox, COO of Nextcore, said “We’ve been listening to our customers, really trying to gauge their needs rather than build as many different systems as possible. We knew our custom-built software was really welcomed by the industry and we needed to build a system that was more accurate, powerful and lightweight than anything we’ve built before. All of our development work is conducted in Australia, and our LiDAR business is built around a trusted and secure relationship with our customers so it was really important to us that the Lumos series continued to provide that level of trust whilst we expand our market share with this important product.” 

Pre-orders are now open for the Lumos with deliveries of units beginning in December. 


About Nextcore

Nextcore builds survey-grade LiDAR systems for UAVs and drones. Built for simplicity and tested for durability, Nextcore LiDAR systems are ideal for assessment and surveys of power lines, steep terrain, highly vegetated areas, limited access environments and more.

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