Benefits of the RN50

The Nextcore RN50 UAV LiDAR Payload has been built from the same robust footprint as the RN100 series. With upgraded components, the RN50 performed beyond our expectations to deliver 50mm RSMS accurate results at up to 100 metres AGL.

Achieve survey grade data at 50-60 metres above ground level
Accurate up to 50mm RSMS
Fits to your favourite commercial UAV
The only Drone LiDAR unit with a 2 Year Warranty

How it works…


Simple and Easy to use

The key difference between Nextcore and other systems is simplicity. Our fully integrated system allows you to have complete control of your data collection and processing in a swift and easy to use manner.


Ultimate Aerial Mapping Turn-Key Solution

Our turn-key solution just requires you to fly a mission, upload the data along with your base station or GNSS data and process. Simple, fast, effective. You can control your point density, point distances, swath, eveything in one simple to use program.

Nextcore Fusion

Nextcore Fusion software has been developed and calibrated specifically for Nextcore LiDAR systems. Included with any system purchase the software allows for the creation of *.las and *.laz files in the simplest way possible. Our processing is easy to learn and reliable with class-leading processing so you can start making decisions on the same day of your flight.

Compatible Airframes

The RN Series can be adapted to most Multi-rotor systems; to find out if the RN Series fits to you system please contact one of our experts.
Adaptor kits are included in Nextcore systems.


Compatible Drones – Noa, Neo or Zoe. Up to 45 minutes flight time.


Compatible Drones – DS30, DT30. Up to 1 hour 50 minutes flight time.

Inspired Flight

Compatible Drones – IF1200, IF1000. Up to 40 minutes flight time.


Compatible Drones – DJI M600 Pro. Up to 25 minutes flight time.


Compatible Drones – GHAI160, RHEA 160. Up to 25 minutes flight time.

Case studies

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