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Introducing the RN50 and the RN100 UAV LiDAR

Nextcore's flagship product the RN Series is available now. Produced through thorough infield testing the RN Series is designed to provide the ultimate user experience. Designed to provide superior canopy penetration, the RN Series has been built and tested in harsh Australian conditions to create the most reliable and effective UAV platform series in its class.




$45,000 USD

(Includes Nextcore Fusion Software)

The Nextcore RN50 UAV LiDAR has been built to provide a low cost, effective solution for use in most situations, boasting a reliable and repeatable dataset at 5-60 metres AGL. The RN50 outperforms systems at more than double the cost. The RN50 uses the Nextcore custom software meaning no third party software purchases and no ongoing subscriptions.




$67,500 USD

(Includes Nextcore Fusion Software)

The Nextcore RN100 UAV LiDAR takes the key features of the RN50 but maximises the availble flight height of the system. Operating reliably at 100 metres AGL and still achieving excellent ground returns the RN100 is the go-to system for high quality data in rugged, steep and vegetated terrain. The RN100 gives operators piece of mind when operating above tress and buildings to ensure quality data with plenty of safety margin in challenging conditions.

The Nextcore Advantage

We’ve been working within the industry for many years so understand the ongoing challenges infrastructure business face and can provide the latest technologies and techniques to solve your problems and help you avoid issues before they arise.

Drone LiDAR made simple

Our workflow is simple: Fly, Process, Ready!

Hardware that people want to use

We use our LiDAR unit everyday, we’ve built it with the user in mind.

Software that makes sense

Our intuitive interface makes it easy to process your data just how you want it.

Accessible solution to all

Our proprietary software enables low cost with high quality.

Nextcore Fusion Software

Our proprietary cloud based software is designed
to process high speed data (3x flight time)

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