Nextcore and Acecore announce partnership

Nextcore and Acecore announce partnership

Nextcore, an Australian-based LiDAR Manufacturer have entered into a partnership with Acecore a Dutch UAV Manufacturer to work on the distribution of an integrated system globally. Nextcore, designs and manufactures a lightweight UAV (drone) based LiDAR (Light Direction and Ranging) unit under the model name RN50, which is used by digital survey companies worldwide and is sold via a network of specialist distributors. Acecore’s suite of UAV products provides operators with heavy-lift, multi-rotor capability in a robust and elegant flight platform.

The deal will allow for Acecore to distribute the Nextcore product amongst its global distribution network as demand for UAV LiDAR capability grows. Nick Smith, Vice President Sales for Maestrano, said, “Acecore have a strong reputation in the UAV industry for advanced airframes that allow for increased flight times and therefore area coverage. Similarly, our RN50 LiDAR (Light Distance and Ranging) system is highly regarded in the digital survey industry. The combination of Acecore’s drone and the RN50 is a perfect match for scanning large areas.”

Youri van Helden, Marketing Manager at Acecore Technologies, said, “As a result of growing demand for LiDAR systems under our drones, we got in touch with Nextcore as they have a unique value proposition that makes 3D scanning accessible for a lot more companies. Nextcore’s own post-processing software and transparent pricing are key elements in making this possible.”

When attached to the Acecore Noa hexacopter, the RN50 will be capable of accurately and autonomously scanning over 80 hectares in a single flight. The Acecore systems can be fitted with laser-guided terrain following and 360° collision avoidance technologies, further improving the performance and ease of use of the RN50. The two companies have been working closely together for an extended period of time in order to establish seamless integration of the two technologies and plan for the distribution of the bundled turnkey solution within their current world-wide sales networks.

Based in The Netherlands, Acecore uses only locally sourced materials and OEM components. The Noa, Neo and Zoe are proudly designed as functional, safe, and beautiful European-built UAVs. Learn more at www.acecoretechnologies.com

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