Become a Distributor

Nextcore is currently recruiting distributors from around the world. Distribution of this groundbreaking product enables distributors to:

  • Offer a quality product that’s backed by committed support
  • Offer a survey product that doesn’t require expensive third party software or subscriptions
  • Offer customers a 2 year guarantee
  • Benefit from additional benefits and bonuses for exceeding sales targets
  • Access a comprehensive training package for demonstrating and onboarding new clients

In order to be eligible for a distribution contract with Nextcore, distributors must demonstrate:

  • Sufficient internal skills in the safe use and operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • The ability to sell and support compatible airframes
  • Sufficient understanding and experience in the use of survey equipment with the ability to support and sell compatible GNSS receivers
  • Relationships with relevant customers such as Surveyors, UAV Operators, Environmental Researchers, Mining Companies, Forestry operators and other relevant industries.
  • A record of strong customer support
  • The ability to provide live and desktop demonstrations to customers of the Nextcore series

If you would like to further explore the benefits of distributing then please complete the contact form.